Autostop House

Autostop House is an open and free place made by polish hitchhikers for travellers from all over the world where you can stay and get some rest while enjoying the beautiful city of Ohrid. Fill our contact form to book your stay with us. See you soon!


Every year, we aim to organize Autostop House in a different location. Last year, it was Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was fascinating and greatly enjoyed by all, drawing us in with its location, beautiful views, and rich history. This year, we’re moving to another country. Where to? Albania? Romania? Croatia? We’re currently finalizing the details, but you’ll find out soon. However, we assure you that absolutely no one will be disappointed! We encourage you to follow our social media channels now so you don’t miss out on the latest Autostop House updates.


North Macedonia

Ohrid, often called the pearl of North Macedonia, is a picturesque city on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It offers tourists not only beautiful views, but also rich history and culture. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List both because of its monuments and unique natural values.

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Hitchhiking is an idea that we turn into reality. Once, we thought of a place that could be a home on your current journey – somewhere far far away. And we made it happen!

The most important

This is a non-profit project

From hitchhikers to hitchhikers

It’s free of charge (but you can tip if you wish).
Experienced Dentist​

Stay chill and respect the rules of our home.

Advance Treatment​

We invite you to spend three days in our hitchhiking world, where you will meet extraordinary travelers with fascinating stories to tell!

Guaranteed Results​

Hitchhiking is not just about traveling, but also an opportunity to form lifelong friendships filled with amazing memories

Modern Equipment

Keep in mind that our crib has a hidden location, so don’t spill the beans to anyone without reaching out to us first!

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